We are a family owned and operated business. We are an electrical and solar power company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our company provides top quality solar power and electrical installation’s at affordable prices. We take pride in our work and travel all around New Zealand installing solar power whether it be a grid connect system or completely off grid altogether.

We have many years of experience in both New Zealand and Australia installing solar power with thousands of installs on our records. We strive for customer satisfaction and assure you that you are in capable hands. Most of our installs are grid connect systems powered by a product called ‘Enphase’ this is cutting edge technology that is taking over the solar industry.

We have just recently completed one of the largest enphase install’s to date in Taranaki, New Zealand. We look forward to hearing from you in the change with solar power moving towards a cleaner future. Thank you from the team at iSolar Design And Install Specialist’s Ltd.

Installing Solar can give you substantial savings on power.

iSolar Design and Install Specialists Limited (iSolar), is a family company owned and operated by two brothers:

Carl Petersen, a registered electrician, accredited in solar design and installation, and Ben Petersen, a roofer with several years’ experience in the building industry in Australia.

Carl and Ben have installed thousands of solar systems in Australia and New Zealand. Their installations are at the highest standard. References are available, on request.

iSolar has access to the highest quality solar systems and products available in New Zealand, and at reasonable prices. Special discounts and rates can be given to customers.

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Here are some good reasons for using solar energy to power your home

Key reason

Cut-down electricity bills . The key reason that most households convert their power source to solar energy is to cut down their electrical bill, because the electrical usage generated from the sun is free. By converting as many home appliances as possible to use solar energy, you can make significant savings in your utilities expenses.

It is a renewable energy source

Typical electricity is generated from fossil fuel that will run out one day. Solar energy is a good alternative to replace fossil fuels as the major energy source, because solar power is renewable at absolutely no cost to supply energy - infinitely.

Environment friendly

The pollution globally is getting worse. Any effort that can reduce the impact on the environment helps. Solar panels are able to harness the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. The use of solar panels is environmentally friendly. Therefore, solar energy will be the major energy source for future because it is harmless to the environment - starting today.

Low / no maintenance needed

Once you have installed the solar power system, it can last twenty to thirty years without major maintenance needed. You may need to do system check once a year, just to make sure everything is performing as it should. Since it requires minimum maintenance, your cost should be minimal.

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